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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

   Lot of good discussion here. Keep it up.
   I work in the asic/fpga arena and I am building a tool flow  based on
   the ip-xact standard (IEEE-1685). It has a lot in it that solves many
   of the problems in this discussion and I would suggest that gEDA might
   want to borrow a few tips from that standard.
   1) It is targeted for exchanging data between tools.  All the files use
   xml so that parsers are available for all languages.
   2) All objects have a unique identifier. Ip-xact uses a VLNV  for
   Vendor,library,component and version.  There are no name collision
   issues as long as the rules are followed.
   3) Multiple views are supported. I can created a view with one
   deliverable for simulation and a different view and deliverable for
   synthesis. I can generate a light symbol view as well as a heavy one.
   4) No problems with data duplication. By using "correct by
   construction" techniques you never duplicate data. You keep the master
   source in an ip-xact file and generate everything from there.
   5) Overlays are supported. You never modify anything that you do not
   have engineering responsibility for. If you want to change a library
   part for a local design then you create a local part that uses the lib
   part and then all the changes are made in the local part. The master is
   never touched.
   6) ComponentGenerators are supported. You can embed generators inside
   of a component that control how it is processed by other tools.
     John Eaton

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