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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

On Thu, 2011-05-26 at 10:03 +0200, Richard Rasker wrote:

> - Work flow of newer gschem/PCB version: until recently, I worked with
> an ïolder PCB version (20080202), but I finally got round to compiling
> and installing the latest version -- and it's quite an improvement (no
> more disappearing crosshairs, outlines and other GUI imperfections).
> Now I was used to the work flow of gschem -> [update pcb in] xgsch2pcb
> -> PCB, but this appears to have changed. Now I think I can find out by
> myself, but being a lazy person, I wondered if someone could explain
> this in a few words. Do I also need a newer gschem version? And has
> anything changed with regard to custom created symbols and footprints
> (as in: how do I make the new gschem and PCB versions aware of their
> existence?).

Did you build the version from git HEAD, or a recent release? I can't
quite recall when "--enable-dbus" became a default-on option, but if it
is not switched on, then xgsch2pcb will not work.

git HEAD defaults to --enable-dbus being on.

There is also a new "File" -> "Import Schematics" option which DJ
produced, which you might like to look at as an alternative to

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