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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

>> > - Zero length lines in PCB: I found that when drawing lines in PCB,
>> I think you're tripping over the metric-rouding bug, where what you're
>> seeing is lines that are 0.01 mil long.  We're working on that with
>> the metrification of PCB.
> Is there already some sort of script to eliminate those micro-lines? And
> would it be a good idea if I wrote such a script? Or is it not advisable
> to eliminate those lines, for reasons of connectivity?

"Connects -> Optimize routed tracks -> simple optimization" will
remove micro-lines.   Generally it is a good thing to do so - they are
a nuisance for hand editing, and prevent the mitering optimizer from
mitering corners that contain them.

One thing to be careful of is that removal of micro lines that are
inside a pad can cause a DRC violation.  They often appear for pads
that are off grid, connecting the nearest grid point to the pad
center.  Removal of these ones can cause a "insufficient copper join
overlap" DRC violation.  I suggest saving before trace optimizing, and
also running DRC and netlist optimization before and after, and
comparing results.

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