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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

>> The trace optimizer only touches autorouted tracks by default - if you
>> want it to work on manually routed traces you need to clear the
>> "Connects -> Optimize routed tracks -> [/] Only autorouted nets"
>> checkbox.
> ïThanks for the suggestion, but it messed up the layout something
> wicked: over a 100 short circuits in my 1800+ nets. I'd prefer a simple
> script to weed out lines of 0 and 1 mil length, and I don't mind writing
> it myself if necessary.

One way to help the community is to file a bug report at Launchpad for this.


If you are happy to share your layout with the world you can attach it
to the bug report so that the developers can easily reproduce the bug.
 If you can't share the layout then consider stripping away most of
the layout until you have a small fragment that still triggers the

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