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Re: gEDA-user: Two things ... or actually, three

Op donderdag 26-05-2011 om 22:56 uur [tijdzone +1000], schreef Stephen
> > Then two more usage questions:
> > - Zero length lines in PCB: I found that when drawing lines in PCB,
> > sometimes dots (zero length lines) get created inadvertently on corners
> > and bends. This isn't much of a problem, until I start dragging lines
> > and end points in rubber band mode: those dots then get stretched into
> > undesired line segments which I sometimes don't notice until I get DRC
> > errors and warnings about short circuits.
> > Do I recall correctly that someone created a script to filter out those
> > zero-length lines? I can't find anything in the mailing list archives,
> > and it turns out that a regex recognizing Line[X Y X Y ... ] doesn't
> > seem all that trivial to construct.
> These *may* be fixed up by "Connects -> Optimize routed tracks ->
> simple optimization".  Use this feature with care - it usually removes
> zero length lines but occasionally it also erases needed trace
> segments by mistake.  I recommend saving first and performing DRC
> check and net connectivity check ("o" key) both before and after,
> checking for any changes - there /should/ be none.
> The trace optimizer only touches autorouted tracks by default - if you
> want it to work on manually routed traces you need to clear the
> "Connects -> Optimize routed tracks -> [/] Only autorouted nets"
> checkbox.

ïThanks for the suggestion, but it messed up the layout something
wicked: over a 100 short circuits in my 1800+ nets. I'd prefer a simple
script to weed out lines of 0 and 1 mil length, and I don't mind writing
it myself if necessary.

Anyway, thanks again, best regards,

Richard Rasker

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