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Re: gEDA-user: PCB: option dumpmenu missing

Felix Ruoff wrote:

> First thing: The patch does not apply to my git repository :-(.


> Do you 
> have an actualized version of this patch, that fit to actual git head? 

No. I did not touch the subject since last year.

> Second thing: In the list of HIDs (line 311-323 of your patch) is the 
> gcode-HID missing.

The gcode HID is pretty new. First time I see it mentioned in the mailing 
list is november 2009. Seems like it had not made it to the repo when I
did the command line option patch.

> Third thing: I have started to include the first items of your patch by 
> hand to my code. The documentation-generation stops with the message
> /home/felix/Downloads/geda-git-source/pcb/doc//options.texi:6: `BOM 
> Creation' has no Up field (perhaps incorrect sectioning?).

IIRC, this means, that there is a section command missing in the texi 

> Last thing: I think the same about the numbering and table-formatting as 
> DJ said in his message 
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.cad.geda.user/29944/focus=30083. I 
> think, I would prefer the last solution he suggests (extracting to 
> multiple files), but this are just my 2 cent.

I agree, that this may be better. But it escapes me, why my patch has
to be perfect to be considered for application. Command line documentation
in the manual is as broken as can be. Anything would be better than the 
current list of bogus options. There is no hint how to get the real list 
of options, either. My patch not only produced a command line section 
with viable options. It also moved the documentation to the code, so it 
would have been easier to maintain. 
Still, it was rejected (after I had to bug the list twice for any reaction 
at all) because a different solution may be somewhat more elegant. If this
is the yardstick improvements must meet, then contribution to geda is beyond 
my ability. In any case, it clearly surpassed my frustration level. So I 
let go and directed my efforts to other projects else (not geda).


Kai-Martin Knaak
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