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Re: gEDA-user: PCB: option dumpmenu missing

Hello Kai-Martin,

I have had a first look at your patch. You are right - nearly the whole documentation for the command-line actions is not up to date. So I think, the contend of your patch would improve the documentation a lot.

First thing: The patch does not apply to my git repository :-(. Do you have an actualized version of this patch, that fit to actual git head? Otherwise, I would hand-edit everything. No problem, but this will take some time.

Second thing: In the list of HIDs (line 311-323 of your patch) is the gcode-HID missing.

Third thing: I have started to include the first items of your patch by hand to my code. The documentation-generation stops with the message /home/felix/Downloads/geda-git-source/pcb/doc//options.texi:6: `BOM Creation' has no Up field (perhaps incorrect sectioning?).

I have searched the internet for some time to fix this, but I didn't find a solution. Do you (or someone else here) have a hint for fixing this?

Last thing: I think the same about the numbering and table-formatting as DJ said in his message http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.cad.geda.user/29944/focus=30083. I think, I would prefer the last solution he suggests (extracting to multiple files), but this are just my 2 cent.

Kind regards,

Am 26.05.2011 02:43, schrieb Kai-Martin Knaak:
Felix Ruoff wrote:

Later in that thread
(http://www.seul.org/pipermail/geda-user/2010-April/046781.html) you
said, that you will send the patches, but I can't find an attachment
I forgot to attach in that post and sent another one a few minutes

The resulting section of the compiled manual is still available at


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