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Re: ro trans update

On 6/21/05, Ion Savin <comp_@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > "Line graph" -> http://mathworld.wolfram.com/LineGraph.html
> I know how it is defined but I don't know (and could not find) the word
> for it :(

Aah, okay.

> > "Make prefab" -> this is the undo summary; it indicates that the
> > action that will be undone next is the "make prefab" (i.e. using the
> > Prefab menu) action.
> So "make" in this context is a synonym for "create"?

Yes, that would be correct.

> > As per my original post, you can get my current development version
> > out of SVN, and see it in action for yourself!
> I'll do that and get back to you with an update of the translation if it
> is necessary.

Cool. Ask me if you have troubles with it (you'll need wxWidgets 2.6 -
I've ported away from GTK).


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