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Re: Back in the saddle...

On 6/21/05, D.EIiM-Josep M. Lopez <jlopez@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As to Spanish and Catalan translations, I'd gladly take care of them.
> Since it's been a long time, and I've got other business to care about,
> I'd appreciate anything that made my job as translator easier. I know it's
> at your expense, but it's your kind offer :-)

It's fabulous to have you back helping in any way you can! The strings
that need translating for both Spanish and Catalan are:
(the ampersand "&" marks the menu hotkey)

"&Invert Selection"
"&Minimum Spanning Tree"
"Add edge"
"Add vertex"
"All"                 [as compared to just "vertices" and "edges"]
"Change edge direction"
"Change edge weight"
"Change edge weight and direction"
"Change to Edge Mode"
"Change to Vertex Mode"
"Clear graph"
"Complement graph"
"Edge direction:"
"Finding Minimum Spanning Tree..."
"Graph is strongly connected."
"Graph is weakly connected."
"Induced subgraph"
"Invert Selection"
"Line graph"
"Loading failed"
"Make prefab"    [as in "create a prefab graph"]
"Rename vertex"
"Select &All"
"Select &None"

Let me know if anything needs clarification.



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