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Re: Lebel to Hex Value, 1.2.1 out, Debian package out too

Dave Symonds <dsymonds@xxxxxxxxx> (14/11/2005):
> It seems that this just does what passing --prefix=BLAH to the
> configure script would do. Is there any difference?
I thought that my answer will look like:
 "Why am I so often so stupid? That's good! Choosing ... for BLAH"

But there is a (huge) difference.

The prefix is something like /usr or /usr/local or whatever. The DESTDIR
variable tells where to install (as target) the generated files. You can
have a look at debian/rules to figure out where DESTDIR is used, and to

(Sorry for the RTFM-style, but it's more verbose than I can be.)

If I compile graphthing with the following argument, I get that the
first joined file instead of the second:

That's why I think that your proposition doen't solve the problem.



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