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Re: Debian package

D.EIiM-Josep M. Lopez" <jlopez@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Je n'avais pas besoin d'une traduction du Graph Thing au Français, mais
> d'une debian, si. L'installation sur debian devient ce que les Americains
> appellent "a pain in the ass" :-)

Hi back!

I'll talk in English, which could be more easy to read for all. I don't
know whether you were hopping this Debian package for you or for users,
but by the way, if you're a Debian user, with an i386 platform, you can
test it by adding:
  deb http://kibi.dyndns.org/packages ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list, and then:
  aptitude update
  aptitude install graphthing

(Since Sarge release, aptitude is preferred to apt-get.)

It's based on SVN, between 1.1 and 1.2 version. I wasn't sure about the
naming scheme, and then use my own :). It does not incorporate my French
translation, but it will for 1.2 "real" release.

It is not clean because:
 - not rebuildable from source: Build-Depends are not (yet) specified.
   I'll do it when I'm connected with my powerpc box, or when I launch
   the build in pbuilder (chroot environment, which will allow me to
   detect dependencies).
 - there's no manpage for graphthing. Usually we use help2man to
   generate a basic manpage (program --help | help2man > program.1),
   but no --help option is recognized.

but it should be usable for i386 users.


Cyril Brulebois

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