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Re: Debian package

On 26/10/05, Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> D.EIiM-Josep M. Lopez" <jlopez@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Je n'avais pas besoin d'une traduction du Graph Thing au Français, mais
> > d'une debian, si. L'installation sur debian devient ce que les Americains
> > appellent "a pain in the ass" :-)

Surely not that bad!  ;-)

> Hi back!
> I'll talk in English, which could be more easy to read for all. I don't
> know whether you were hopping this Debian package for you or for users,
> but by the way, if you're a Debian user, with an i386 platform, you can
> test it by adding:

Not knowing enough about the Debian packaging system, I may be way off
target here, but... how are you handling unicode-ness? The
distinguishing characteristic would be whether they are linked against
wxGTK of the unicode variety. It does seem to make a bit of a
difference, unfortunately, since unicode versions seem a bit easier to
coax into working properly. For example, to launch GraphThing when
linked against unicode wxGTK, I only need to type:
    LANG=fr ./graphthing
However, under non-unicode wxGTK, that fails (labels with accented
characters disappear), and I need to use:
    LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 ./graphthing

This could very well be my lack of experience with dealing properly
with Unicode. Is this something that rings true with other people
here? What do people find that their environment is set to by default?
(Open a terminal, type "env | grep LANG").

Personally, mine is:

> It is not clean because:
>  - not rebuildable from source: Build-Depends are not (yet) specified.
>    I'll do it when I'm connected with my powerpc box, or when I launch
>    the build in pbuilder (chroot environment, which will allow me to
>    detect dependencies).

Theoretically, it should be fairly simple - GNU make, bison, flex and
wxWidgets of a suitable version.

>  - there's no manpage for graphthing. Usually we use help2man to
>    generate a basic manpage (program --help | help2man > program.1),
>    but no --help option is recognized.

Would it be worth adding such an option?

> but it should be usable for i386 users.

You might want to adjust the Description:, though; "If the image on
the right ..." doesn't really make sense, there!



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