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Re: Debian package

On 26/10/05, Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > However, under non-unicode wxGTK, that fails (labels with accented
> > characters disappear), and I need to use:
> >     LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 ./graphthing
> I'll try to reproduce it; BTW I've got to hunt some documentations about
> encoding matters, too.

Great, send some my way. The only real sources I've found have been
the Wikipedia articles on UTF-8, et al, and the sparse wxWidgets notes
on the subject.

> > Theoretically, it should be fairly simple - GNU make, bison, flex and
> > wxWidgets of a suitable version.
> I know, but I've to find the suitable version of all them (binaries
> and/or librairies, etc).

Ah, yes, but of course. I'll leave that to you, then!

> > >  - there's no manpage for graphthing. Usually we use help2man to
> > >    generate a basic manpage (program --help | help2man > program.1),
> > >    but no --help option is recognized.
> > Would it be worth adding such an option?
> No, but writing a manpage would be :). (Even a very basic one,
> describing the goals of the program, authors, etc.)

Yes, a man page is probably overdue. I'll try to whip one up.

> > > but it should be usable for i386 users.
> > You might want to adjust the Description:, though; "If the image on
> > the right ..." doesn't really make sense, there!
> Youps :) I already said that the package wasn't good enough, didn't I?
> :). One-line description & multi-line description are welcome, just tell
> me.

And the debian/menu says 'section="Apps/Graphics"', when it should
really be Maths (or at least Science). And the whole Debian diff seems
very large, especially when most of it is adding _generated_ files,
such as "src/phrases.h" and "config.log" and the GNUmakefiles. They
don't belong in there.

Also, be careful with the licensing: GraphThing is licensed under GPL
version 2 only (*not* under any later versions).



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