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Re: Debian package

Dave Symonds <dsymonds@xxxxxxxxx> (26/10/2005):
> And the debian/menu says 'section="Apps/Graphics"', when it should
> really be Maths (or at least Science).
It will be fixed; I'm so used to package 3D apps... (I repackaged
Truevision just before... :p)

> And the whole Debian diff seems
> very large, especially when most of it is adding _generated_ files,
> such as "src/phrases.h" and "config.log" and the GNUmakefiles. They
> don't belong in there.
I know. But I had to check out the SVN, generate, and package. But I
packed the source before autoconfiguring it. My fault, but won't be any
longer once 1.2 (or later) is released.

> Also, be careful with the licensing: GraphThing is licensed under GPL
> version 2 only (*not* under any later versions).
Thanks for your attention about that. I guess that this standard GPL
statement in Debian tools is aimed at preparing to future versions of
GPL, which should come soon. 

That would be done in the next revision of this package. If you want me
to do it right now, just tell me. Since only list readers (and archive
browsers) are aware of this package, they should know these limitations.

I guess that a clean 1.2 package will be sufficient. Otherwise, just
tell me.



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