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Re: Debian package

On 26/10/05, Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Also, be careful with the licensing: GraphThing is licensed under GPL
> > version 2 only (*not* under any later versions).
> Thanks for your attention about that. I guess that this standard GPL
> statement in Debian tools is aimed at preparing to future versions of
> GPL, which should come soon.

I've updated the GPL notice translation now (I took the relevant
section from the FSF France website), and translated "Gear" (as in
Gear Graph) as "Vitesse", which is the nearest that I could find.

> That would be done in the next revision of this package. If you want me
> to do it right now, just tell me. Since only list readers (and archive
> browsers) are aware of this package, they should know these limitations.
> I guess that a clean 1.2 package will be sufficient. Otherwise, just
> tell me.

That's fine. I think it's almost settled for a release anyhow.


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