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Re: One more comment on desktop descriptions

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Stephanie Lockwood wrote:

[ snip ]

The latest version of my script includes provision for adding a human
written description to each page in addition to the output of rpm. I did
this because I felt that the query format is too narrow in the info it

What happens is anything called "README.html" gets sucked into the file
for that page. Note I've already done some of these (for example, one for
KDE) but they're not very good.

The appropriate thing would be for someone to write a little about KDE and
GNOME ( keep it ***short ) and use it as the README.html for the desktop
page, and possibly include a pointer to somewhere else within the /help
section of the site.

I guess I can write it, since I am not a passionate advocate of either.

FOr jfm's benefit: /help is a new section of the website. (So new that
it's only on Dunadan :-( ) it's purpose is to provide info/tech support
for users. 

Donovan Rebbechi <elflord@pegasus.rutgers.edu>
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