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Re: gooeys

> >In Indy you don't have to tinker.  Just uninstall KDE (rpm -e kdebase)
> >and when you restart X (no need to logout) you will be dropped into
> Does this mean you can't switch from KDE to another wm, like you can in a
> default RH install?

When KDE is installed you get KDE because it is deemed superior.  If
you uninstall it then you get classic X and you can switch between
FVWM2, AS and WM.

Next time will do it better, more flexible.

> >classic X.  Of course because the default windows manager is fvwm2
> >with Win95 look and feel you will find this is still more windowish
> >than KDE.  I will probably make a quick hack for making Windowmaker
> >with the Night theme the default.  But perhaps this is not a good
> >idea: FVWM2 with Win95 looks will be more familiar to the user than
> >Windowmaker.  But Windowmaker is so nice...
> I for one would vote for Windowmaker being the default non-KDE manager. 

Me too.  But I am not the one who matters here.  Real question is:
Woouldn't it be better to mimick windows in order to help beginners,
or wouldn't they disappointed by something who looks like it?

> >I also think it is silly to be different from Windows just for the
> >sake of it like the people of UBE are doing.  For one part the user
> >interface of Windows is not so bad.  And second: you don't win by
> >refusing to copy enemy's good points.
> Both very good points.
> I now find myself in the semi-uncomfortable position of having to
> re-evaluate  my stance. :)
> I don't like the Windows interface. This is grounded in experience and is
> not all 'adopted attitude'. KDE reminds me of Windows. A few hours of KDE
> is not very much experience. A dislike of KDE then could be called
> 'migrated attitude'.

I don't like the looks of Windows 95 but I admire the "startup group"
of Windows 3.11 (a much better UI than the one of W95) and the config
panel of W95.

> I'm lead to another question which you touched upon earlier. Why so much
> focus on easy installations and easy interfaces? I mean, lets just say I
> find the perfect desktop. It's easy on the eyes. A pleasure to navigate.
> Endlessly conforming itself to my passing needs. Now what?

Now Indy tries to give you something funny to do by shipping Blender
and soon a "maximal GIMP" with evrery plugin know by mankind.  And to
adapt to your real needs like the fact you are connecting with a
modem, that your box isn't powered up 24h a day and that managing your
bank account is more important to you than programming in Dylan.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses