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Re: About the logo + RPM q.

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> That is a veiled hint that the logo needs to be better quality.

Yes, well... It is that color and the brown borders that make me feel
like a new logo sometimes. And I think that our project could inspire an
artist to make a great logo, probably in a way that we couldn't think of
ourselves (but yet a good logo).

Other programs, distro's and groups had the same logo problem we had.
Then they did a gimp contest, and the other day they were world famous.
(See Debian, Linux, nl.linux.org, etc.) Wonder if that is something for

Only problem is that contest.gimp.org has been in the same sleeping
state since April 1999.

BTW, a question about RPM'ing: are there tools available to get a
currently existing RPM in a state where you can add things to it, change
things etc.? It would help me greatly.