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Re: About the logo + RPM q.

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Stefan Rieken wrote:

> BTW, a question about RPM'ing: are there tools available to get a
> currently existing RPM in a state where you can add things to it, change
> things etc.? It would help me greatly.

The RPM is just a prebuilt binary. On the other hand, the src.rpm includes
all the build and install scripts. If you want to modify an RPM, the usual
proceedure is to get the src.rpm and modify that. Like jfm says, the
shortcircuit option is very useful ( it lets you skip the compile and just
run the install script to make sure it works )

For docs on RPM, the definitive guide is "Maximum RPM" you can get it from
www.rpm.org in postscript format. ( a hint for reading postscript
on-screen : turn *on* anti-aliasing )