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Re: About democracy was Re: Organizing for 6.2

> drives and cdrom for the newest version and install it without having to be
> root or use su.  To prevent security though they have some kind of database
> I believe of all standard packages or soemthing.  Perhaps you should look
> into this. I used it and found it very helpful but not being an expert know
> how secure it really is.

It should be possible to have a list of the signatures of the packages
in order to check they are trusted packages (orignial ones for the
distrib).  But I still I am not sure I like it: what about denial of
service by uninstalling software (possibly triggered by a virus).
What about parental control?

Presently however in RedHat 6.1 inserting a CD will have a window
popping up asking the password and then you are dropped into the
installer.  The biggest inconvenience is not the password but the fact
that the userr has to some magic in order to activate this feature (we
should make this automatic if RedHat does not make it in 6.2).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses