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Re: Help on Installing Independence

At 09:10 рм 22/02/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>No, the 6.0 installer looks under Indy, the RedHat thing was only a
>safety measure.  If you cannot have both then give the name Indy to
>the directory.

The installation program looks like it is RedHat 6.0. I have already installed
RH6 & 6.1 so I can compare. The directory is /Indy

>BTW 6.0 is not that bad if you don't have a very recent video card (eg
>Nvidia Geforce).  In that case you will need to upgrade your Xserver
>before being able to run X but it is not very difficult.

No nothing that fancy. Just Regular OAK & S3 & an NVidia but not the GeForce.

>6.1 in its present state will look for ReHat.  Period. But it will run
>   into problems at a later stage.  Period.  If you ask me to fix it
>   then it will look for Indy.  Period.

I will not bother with Indy 6.1 since it is incomplete, and if I am correct 
of the development is on 6.2 beta.

> > Can I do the installation from a FAT32 partition? So far I have only done
> > CD installations and UMSDOS ones so be patient with me. What do I need to
> > watch out for?
>Problem is that I never tested this (FAt 32.  I don't run DOS).  My
>concern is name mangling in FAT 32 partitions because DOS maps all but
>the latest . to _ and then it would not be coherent with the contents
>of the database.

I agree with you. This is why I am asking for help. Let me ask you this
hypothetical question. What if I boot my windows machine with a single
floppy distribution like trinux (which I think needs more than one disk)
or whatever you can suggest mount/map the VFAT disk and cp the directory
structure to a Linux formatted HD? What do you think of this now how do
we do it.

1. I have a computer with two HD's one is c: = hda the other is d: = hdc, one
ide cd e:, I guess it is hdd. I could replace the cd with a disk which I will
use both to have the installation portion of indy as well as Indy itself.

Now lets assume that the disk is brand new unformatted and I need to partition
it should I make one partition for the installation data and one for Indy or
one huge partition / where everything will fit nicely. I could easily have the
following partitions

   5 MB /boot
128 MB swap
   1 GB /home (I like to keep my data separate from the rest in case I need to
               format the / partition)
600 MB /Indy (with everything from the site)
rest   /

What do you think of this. Is it a good idea or a nightmare? If I can not
install it from a Fat32 partition this might be the best option!

>The hardest part is carving a hole for Linux by defragging the Windows
>partition and then running the FIPS utility from DOS.

I find that to pretty easy. It is the rest that is haunting.

I liked Caldera best with KDE, but I have no problem with RedHat.

>Which directory did you download?  What were the symptoms?

When it searched for the CD the CD light went on once and then nothing on 
the screen and no more searching. By the way what format should I make the 
CD? ISO? What type 1? 2? what about the filenames more than 8+3.

Files were downloaded from:

>Are you in Europe or in America?

Cyprus ... I guess Europe

>                         Jean Francois Martinez
>Project Independence: Linux for the Masses

BTW Thanks a lot again.
Dinos Kouroushaklis