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Re: Registering domain

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Jonathan Veit wrote: 
> > JF Martinez wrote:
> > >
> > > I am trying to register independence.cx
> >
> > Poor Christmas Island folks. They were on Slashdot, so they'll have
> > received a load of requests :-)
> >
> > stefan
> What the jargon file defines as, "the slashdot effect" :) Also noting on the
> installation trouble someone was having... has anyone ever consider creating
> an iso and putting it on the server?  Its a lot less trouble than all those
> files.  Also to clear something up that is a little confusing to me.  Is
> Independece 6.0 commercially sold? I mean its on shelves at stores?  I
> doubting this but I figured I ask.  And now in addition to that question is
> 6.1 going to be?
I would very much like to put an ISO of Indy on the server. I don't know
if Jean has the room or not but I do. I will maintain a mirror of the
distro on my machine and when it is ready make an image(s) and burn it on
the required CD(s). 

Then I will call on Max (BTW Max, Today I received the Red Hat 6.2beta
CD you sent. Thank you again). I will mail a copy of the distro to Max
(replacing the CD he sent me) because he has access to a T1. If he dose
not mind uploading the image to the server it will be great. That way we
will all have the exact same copy of the distro and it will help with
some of the download confusion. 

What do you think of that plan Jean? Max?

Is Independence commercially sold? No. It would be great just to get the
CD's distributed by someone like Cheapbytes. Wasn't someone checking on

This is a long shot Jon, but I have had a dream of writing our own
installer and put us on the map with the big boys and attract more
attention and thus more help for Indy. One of the ideas I have been
toying with is using something like libGGI to build upon. Taking ideas
for the Berlin project. I think it is a very feasible idea if it's done
right. Just a backburner idea. I'm full of them :-))

R.G. Mayhue (The Dreamer)