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Re: Just a note,

JF Martinez wrote:
> I am not too fond of PowerTools like CDs.  First because many times I
> hae found applications who should have been in the main distribution
> in the first place and second because at times I find that trhe author
> of the distribution just downloaded archive sites and burned them.  It
> has some usefulness specvially for people with no acces to large
> bandwidth but this is not what I call a distribution CD.
> When we will really go multiCD (present versuion will be just a hack)
> I want that the user wanting to install a piece of software just opens
> the upgrading tool, selects what he wants and then he is prompted for
> the CDs to insert.  Ie no 'by hand browsing' just to find what he
> wants.  In addition even after Indy is multiCD I will still oppose to
> having 7 window managers.

This is 1/2 of what SuSE dose.  

The good.  You can choose from a huge list of apps during installation
it will prompt you for CDs by number.

The Bad.  If you want to add an app you are on your own.

The Ugly.  During the setup process I had a hard time figuring out what 
to install so I was left with either one of the defaults or a 6GB+ 
"instal everything".

Indy needs to remain careful about what is included and what isn't. 
By the time we need 6 CDs hard drives in the 17 GB range won't be 
sold anymore ( Today 6GB is the smallest in local stores ).

Also by then it had better be 6 GB of really good stuff.