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Re: Just a note,

> This is 1/2 of what SuSE dose.  
> The good.  You can choose from a huge list of apps during installation
> and 
> it will prompt you for CDs by number.
> The Bad.  If you want to add an app you are on your own.
> The Ugly.  During the setup process I had a hard time figuring out what 
> to install so I was left with either one of the defaults or a 6GB+ 
> "instal everything".
> Indy needs to remain careful about what is included and what isn't. 
> By the time we need 6 CDs hard drives in the 17 GB range won't be 
> sold anymore ( Today 6GB is the smallest in local stores ).

By then DVDs will be common.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses