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Re: IP Printer Setup

> I have gotten Indy 6.0-0.8 set up and working well, especially
> considering that the office here is a Windows environment, with very
> little interest in Linux at this point in time.  The one problem that I
> have is setting up printing, since the college recently moved to
> ubiquitous IP printing.  In my particular case, my default printer is
> supposed to be a Lexmark Optra S 1650, named woc316_m2, with IP address
>  In the install scripts, IP printing is not an option,
> nor does it appear in the linuxconf setup sections (is this even
> relevant?) nor in the RedHat configuration tool.  Can someone let me
> know how this should be set up, and which drivers are relevant for the
> Lexmark (didn't appear in the list of printers).  Also, should this be
> set up in the install scripts, or at least some advice given as to which
> set up method is appropriate?

The lpr printer daemon is supposed to be able to print in other boxes
through TCP/IP so I don't think it should be difficult to have it to
do IP printing so my guess is that you should treat the printer as
just a printer server.  But the only printing I do is through Samba so
I am not an expert at this.

However there has been a dicussion in Linux Journal on the merits of
the different solutions fgor printing and using a print server is a
far superior solution to IP printing.  Look in the LinuxJournal for
the article about printing at CISCO.  It was published this year.

You could also consult the system administrator about what protocols
the printers are using.  My guess is SMB.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses