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Re: IP Printer Setup

JF Martinez wrote:
> The lpr printer daemon is supposed to be able to print in other boxes
> through TCP/IP so I don't think it should be difficult to have it to
> do IP printing so my guess is that you should treat the printer as
> just a printer server.  But the only printing I do is through Samba so
> I am not an expert at this.
> However there has been a dicussion in Linux Journal on the merits of
> the different solutions fgor printing and using a print server is a
> far superior solution to IP printing.  Look in the LinuxJournal for
> the article about printing at CISCO.  It was published this year.
> You could also consult the system administrator about what protocols
> the printers are using.  My guess is SMB.

I have found the answer, and it is not accomodated in our current
installation.  The Lexmark is connected to the network via a Netport
Express box, and operates via the Socket API, of which the de facto
standard is the HP JetDirect API (printing direct via IP address and
port 9100).  The LPRng How-To contains fairly complete information about
this network printing protocol, and the author feels that this is the
most common network printing approach.  I have not been able (yet :-) to
set up my printcat to accomodate the Socket API, and it is not a part of
printtool at all.  I am however, working around this by using netcat
(command line: nc ip.address 9100 <my.file.name).  Since the printer is
fairly smart, it can handle a direct stream of text or PS, and the
formatting is very nice.  Can we get this into one of the next versions
of Indy (I am hacking this as a newbie, and can't offer anymore
background or assistance than this - however, if I figure out the
printcat format, I'll let the list know)?

Brian Wiens