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Re: GFX under Linux

On Thursday 06 December 2001  7:56 pm, you wrote:

> Under windows, they say "requires DirectX #.#". If DirectX #.#
> isn't installed, you don't run. If a later version of DirectX
> breaks your app, you make a patch.



DirectX uses COM, and one of the main aspects of COM is 100% backwards 
compatibility. When you create a DirectX interface, you specify the version 
you want.

It also uses the dwSize member of structures to identify version info, to 
ensure DirectX 8 will run a DirectX 3 title.

Using just the DirectX 8.1 SDK, I can create a DirectX 3 game. (use 
IID_DirectInput3 instead of IID_DirectInput8, for instance, when calling 
CoCreateInstance() or whatever the hell the function's called)

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