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Re: Is this list still alive?

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Joel Utting wrote:
> > > discussion bait: How well does bazaar-style teamwork work for games?
> > > Games usually need a strong coherent vision among the team, and that's
> > > difficult to achieve as we all know.
> >
> > Most games programming by us people as open source is done for fun - the
> > only times I've had a good team and produced a free game I liked was
> > with a couple of friends messing about in physical space for a few
> > months. I think there is a lot of work to get any game to the initially
> > playable stage - after that point bazaar style teams may work, but
> > before that everyone is going in different directions (unless, of
> > course, they are copying a current game).
> I would say that the content creation part (design, mapping, art,
> scripting, etc) wouldn't do very good in bazaar-style teamwork, but that
> engine work can (and did, look at CrystalSpace) go a long way.

Crystal Space is really a library, so its a little different then just
someone writing a single game ; but it has been going a long time now...

Content creation I'm unsure about - it could work in a bazaar, but maybe
this would make it quite difficult ; anyone have any experience of group
artistry over the internet for free games ?

> > Also a libsidescroller, for example, could support games as diverse as
> > lemmings, super mario bros and R-type ; so plenty of room for new things
> > there.
> Time for another shameless plug: if you want good and high performance
> modularity, consider XPLC! http://xplc.sourceforge.net/

I just checked it out of CVS - it seems very interesting ; how close is
it to being usable ?

Bye - Joel.

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