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Re: RFOR: Is LGDC really crap?

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Last time I looked there were ~660 games in the database. So (with a
> single person listed as author for each) this is the top number you'll
> get out of such a DB search ...

So, if you are feeling optimistic, you could imagine that most amateur
games are written by a single author and that they perhaps write two
games each - so there are about 300 authors out there.  If all 150 people
subscribed to the mailing list are authors then you have 50% of the active
developers reading this list!

...But on a bad day, you might suppose that only maybe half the games are
on HappyPenguin and that most are written by a couple of people - so there
could be as many as 2,400 authors.  You might also suspect that only half
of the people subscribed here are actually developers - so only 3% of the
active developers read this list.

I'd bet the truth is something like a quarter of developers are reading
this list.  That's pretty impressive IMHO.

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