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Re: Where do I begin?

Well, the first step is to decide on a goal.  You have a FPS in mind?


Green, Aaron wrote:

>Actually, I'm up for suggestions on that too.  It is a project to learn how to completely 
>make a game.  I've heard the CS engine is better with FPS games, so I chose 
>that.  I also would like to incorporate multiplayer support (since any major game 
>these days does).  I've simply got two goals at this point, learning and a nice playable 
>game at completion.  I've started up a C++ game development group that will all 
>participate in the project (at least anyone who wants to learn) so that's the reason 
>I went with a larger project.  I just think a team environment would be a good 
>learning experience.  We actually could use more members, but I'll do it with 
>whomever joins up.  Anyway, that's about all the info I have at this moment.