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Re: Where do I begin?

"Green, Aaron" wrote:

> Actually, I'm up for suggestions on that too.  It is a project to learn how to completely
> make a game.  I've heard the CS engine is better with FPS games, so I chose
> that.

Actually there is nothing in CS that says it is better for FPS games. It has
a terrain engine and sufficient features so that it can be used for simulation
and RPG games too. In fact several RPG games (like PlaneShift: www.planeshift.it)
are using CS.

Additionally as I already told you on the CS mailing list I recommend you look
at CEL too. This is a game entity layer sitting on top of Crystal Space. It
is already working but far from finished. The PlaneShift project uses it too.

Url: http://cel.sourceforge.net


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