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Re: The Artists thing

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Pedro Medeiros wrote:
> > > You can also just lay the music as simple uncompressed PCM WAV files (or
> > > similar, like .au or something like that) and mix them in, with adequate
> > > buffering and a sound engine that allows streaming. You have to do
> > > mixing anyway, it possibly is done in hardware on some cards and you can
> > > do whatever you want with the CD-ROM, with the same relative space cost.
> >
> >  Esound should do that easily for games.
> If you don't might to have the sound play next week. Esound has SO MUCH
> latency, I can hardly believe it. I'm pushing for non-threaded sound
> engines, so you can imagine what my opinion of sound engines in separate
> threads is? ;-)

Yes - I agree.  My 'SL' sound library (part of PLIB) is non-threaded and
does mixing in software - with programmable latency.  You choose how much
sound it creates on each 'update' call - and it's your responsability to
call 'update' again before that time elapses - or else you'll get a gap
in the audio.

Crude - but it keeps the latency under control (Esound is bad at that -
so is MikMod - but to a lesser extent).

> Two processes for something as time-sensitive as sound is crazy.

Yes - you are at the mercy of the kernel's scheduler - which could
do all sorts of nasty things to you.

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