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Re: Poll ideas?

> I cite the twenty-odd versions of Tetris...that's a game you can make
> with simple coloured blocks and virtually no artistic abilities.  You make
> more levels by making the game come at you faster - you don't need more
> cute characters - scenery - anything.  That makes it a perfect target for
> a lone programmer - which is why so many people implement it.

Yes. I had the problem that I had a genius graphic artist (who did all the
graphics for Würstelstand), but he left after that project.
So I started to port the games to Linux, for which I could get the sourcecode.
(Würstelstand and Defkon)
But at Defkon, again we needed a graphic artist, so we stopped that project
After Defkon, I switched from game programming to utility programming, and I am
currently developing on the *Quick Project, a quick translation system, much
better than Babylon Translator.
But I want to come back to game programming, so I have an idea:

TO ALL THE LONE PROGRAMMERS OUT THERE: Stop trying to create your own
project, your own little Tetris, your own little Defkon, your own whatever.
Stop it now, if it isn´t already successful. Let´s come together and work
together. Don´t start your own new project.

I will start searching for a game developing group here in Austria or in
Germany, who I can help, as soon as I finished *Quick.
(Perhaps I will talk to Ingo Runke .. I don´t know yet, there is a lot of work
to do for *Quick.)

> What identifies most Linux freeware games is that the programmers had to
> think of things to write that don't need huge artistic abilities.
> Most programmers are opposite-brained to most artists - they generally don't
> have the skills to do that...I know I don't.

That´s somehow true, yes.

By the way, if anyone needs a good music artist, ask Andi Stürmer
<a.stuermer@gmx.net> He did the music for several games.

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
~ http://www.futureware.at/       ICQ UIN: 6588261
~ My /home is my Kastl.

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