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Re: Gaming projects

Pieter Hulshoff wrote:
1. Cost of equipment to create music is quite expensive. I don't know how this works for graphics artists: is The Gimp good enough?
Probably a better question is 'Is Blender good enough?'.  The
prices of the commercial 3D packages can really dwarf the price
of a 2D package like Photoshop (and take a lot more learning).

(And I'll answer the Blender question myself: the answer is 'yes',
but the toolchain for extracting Blender content has to be
pretty D.I.Y. even if you take the Python route, and there currently
seem to be a LOT fewer people who know Blender than there are, for
example, 3DSMAX users, so the pool of potential talent-for-free
people is shrunk further.)

p.s. is there much interest in a C SDK for extracting
data from Blender files?  I've had one in progress for a year
now which I use for my 'day job' and I imagine I can release it
under a proper BSD-style free license some time soonish.
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