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Re: Gaming projects

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
Jan Ekholm wrote:
The time needed to learn Blender can really dwarf the time needed to learn
for instance C++.

I'm a coder. I have no experience whatsoever with modelling. I learned blender in a week
sufficiently so that I can work on and fix the models that I get from my artists and can even
do small things myself. I don't think blender is that hard. You just have to go through the tutorials
and it is in fact rather easy to learn.
I somewhat agree -- I was struggling somewhat before I got
the (2.x) Blender Book, but two days of sitting down and working
through the exercises in that book (despite the book's egregious
production flaws) kinda lifted the darkness from my eyes and
suddenly I 'got it'.

The only problem with Blender in that respect is (IMO) that if
you don't use it for a couple of months you forget almost everything
:D (at least, I do).

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