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Re: SDL (was: Re: SVGALIB on Thinkpad)

"J. Perkins" wrote:
> Gregor Mueckl wrote:
> > Loki had a foul method of preventing that (I've seen it in the Linux
> > version of UT): They stuffed almost every lib they needed into the same
> > directory they had the binaries in. It works that way, but it's an ugly
> > waste of disk space.
> I'm doing the same thing. I either compile the library directly
> into the my project executables (libPNG, zlib, FreeType, ODE)
> or I put the library in the executable directory and dynamically
> bind it at runtime. Currently I only do the latter with SDL, and
> only because it was such a pain to build from the sources.
> A waste of space maybe, but disk space is (relatively) cheap, and
> end-user patience is not.

The problem is with download times.  If you only have a modem, it
can be a significant issue.  Remember that there are still lots of
places in the world where you pay for the time you are connected,
and other places where there are limits.

If you are releasing product on CD-ROM, it's defensible.

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