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Re: SDL (was: Re: SVGALIB on Thinkpad)

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> The problem is with download times. If you only have a modem, it can
> be a significant issue. Remember that there are still lots of places
> in the world where you pay for the time you are connected, and other
> places where there are limits.

Download times are not the problem, a simple example: Pingus source
tarball is 6.7MB large, the static binary tarball (everything linked
statically) increases size to 7.9MB. So we have 1.2MB more to
download. But when you actually want to compile the Pingus source you
have to track down all the third party libraries yourself, which means
2.2MB for the ClanLib tarball and 256KB for Hermes, the user might
also need libpng and libjpeg so it could get even more.

So to compile Pingus from source one has to download more than with
the static binary. Even with a dynamic binary and dynamic libraries
(aka what you could get with a .rpm or .deb) the situation wouldn't
look very different. And after all there are not that much games out
there who will use this exact version of ClanLib, so the saving that
could be done by sharing the libaries between games would also be very

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