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Re: Best method for mouse input

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 12:33:44AM -0400, Dennis Payne wrote:
> > >- SDL. All good and well, but frankly I'm not really in the mood to deal 
> > >with SDLs backward incompatibility.
> > Please enlighten me about this. I'm new to SDL, so I don't really know
> > what problems to expect.
> Frankly I think the complaints exaggerate the problem.  Prior to 1.2.x
> SDL had the stable 1.0.x series and the development 1.1.x series.  Game
> developers should have been targetting 1.0.x due to that.  Unfortunately
> not everyone did.  To make matters worse two popular secondary libraries,
> SDL_mixer and SDL_image, required the 1.1.x.
> Since 1.2.0 I know of no backward incompatible change in the library.

I have been actively involved in game development using SDL since March
2000, and have come across no backward compatability problems in the
SDL 1.2 series in that time. I wan't really active in the 1.0 and 1.1 era
so I'm not sure how bad the problems were back then, but they are a thing
of the past.

gtk+ went through exactly the same type of problem a few years earlier. The
problem was mostly caused by developers who ignored the documentation, and
tried to target their applications at the rapidly changing 1.1 development


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