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Re: Pinging? (was: The status and future of Mixminion network)

On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 08:08:34PM +0200, tainaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Joel wrote:
> > The grove pinger was thrown together rather quickly and as a
> > result has a few bugs. It was never intended to stick around
> > very long as ping stats were planned to be incorporated into
> > mixminion ( which hasn't happened ).
> Actually there is pinger code in mixminion.
> I decided to give it a poke and enabled pinging in my config.
> However, mixminiond crashes fiercely, despite my (admittedly
> clueless) attempts to bridge the gap to current versions of
> pysqlite and SQLite...
> I'm using Mixminion 0.0.8alpha3, Python 2.4.3, SQLite 3.3.17
> and pysqlite 2.3.3.

Huh.  It worked okay for me last time I was running it.  What goes
wrong when you try?  Remember, "it crashes fiercely" is not much of a
bug report.

> So I'm curious: what'd be the next steps to get distributed
> pinging up and running? Database connectivity does not seem to
> work at the moment, but I like the pinger design (as described
> in Pinger.py, are there any specs?) and the actual pinger code
> might work, though.

If the DB code is in fact broken, the next step is somebody fixing
it.  After that, there needs to be feedback from the pinger code to
the directory code, so that servers are marked as down when the pinger
thinks they're unreliable.

> I don't know about SQLite, but I have a MySQL server running,
> and so might others. Perhaps it would be sensible to replace
> SQLite with MySQL...?

Whoever can make the code work should gets to write it for any
database they want. ;) I'd be sad if it stopped working for pysqlite,
but hey: I'm not putting enough time into that, so I don't think I get
to complain.

Nick Mathewson

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