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Re: [Fwd: ESA Foreign Notice (fwd)]

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 08:51:15PM +0200, xiando wrote:
> Explain to this person what Tor is and how Tor works and then explain that you 
> got the ESA spam because someone who was using Tor through your box did 
> something bad. Tell them about the Tor website. And ask them to clarify their 
> position on Tor servers on their network and explain that there is a public 
> web page where ISPs position is listed and that their response will be 
> publicly available on a mailing list.

This is one option -- force them to officially commit to something. The
problem there is that it involves getting a lot of people involved in
the decision, and many of those people are paid to say no to anything
confusing or at all risky. (I think the consensus here is that there
isn't much risk from some American corporation trying to hassle you
across national boundaries; but large organizations get very good at
saying no to every possible question.)

Another option is to not demand that they make any official statement, and
just try to educate the fellow you're talking to and slowly win advocates
and supporters before any official decision needs to be made. See e.g.