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Re: [Fwd: ESA Foreign Notice (fwd)]

Il 29/04/2008 02:13, Roger Dingledine ha scritto:
> This is one option -- force them to officially commit to something. 
> [...]
> Another option is to not demand that they make any official statement, and
> just try to educate the fellow you're talking to and slowly win advocates

A third option is to reply to the ISP mail directly, with a short
acknowledge. Something like:

"Dear XYZ, thank you for your message, which has been received and dealt
with. Regards, ..."

I assume that in most cases, the ISP just wants to pass along the notice
downstream and barely, if ever, reports back to ESA/BayTSP.

On a different level, I deal with dozens of BayTSP/ESA/BSA notices every
week in the office and it seems that 20-30% of the bittorrent notices
are bogus, and even more of the bittorrent-on-Tor notices are just baseless.

Their software agents perhaps uses tracker info for finding out IP
addresses, which produces false positives.

I received notices for bittorent on a Tor node with this configuraton:
ExitPolicy reject *:6881-6999
which means the relay can't do bittorrent anyway.