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Re: [Fwd: ESA Foreign Notice (fwd)]

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 09:23:58AM +0200, Jan Reister wrote:
> A third option is to reply to the ISP mail directly, with a short
> acknowledge. Something like:
> "Dear XYZ, thank you for your message, which has been received and dealt
> with. Regards, ..."

Also a fine option in some cases. The goal is to figure out what's going
on their heads -- they probably don't actually care much, and they just
want some way to make this stuff not take much of their time. For example,
several Tor exit nodes at universities I've talked to know the people
who answer the abuse complaints, and they have an informal deal where
they just pass the abuse complaints on the Tor operators, who process
them as needed (in most cases this means ignoring them).

> I received notices for bittorent on a Tor node with this configuraton:
> ExitPolicy reject *:6881-6999
> which means the relay can't do bittorrent anyway.

Technically speaking, this isn't quite true. Bittorrent can run on
whatever port the tracker and/or clients pick.

(Most of the Internet is slowly moving to port 80, as corporate and
government firewalls start to push people to put all their traffic there.)