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Re: [tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

On 4/5/2011 12:52 AM, grarpamp wrote:
First I've heard that they require SMS to *USE* gmail.
However, SMS has been required for quite some time now
to *CREATE* a new gmail account. There was a thread a
few months back regarding creation. And to date, I've not
been able to create a new gmail account without SMS from
any exit anywhere on the planet. Nor from any residential
DHCP pool I have access to.
I've had this Gmail acct since 2007 (that I tried w/ Tor the other day after OP's question). I've not tried to create any new ones lately via Tor, so you may be right. What if you don't have a phone # to give them (or don't want to) - they just don't let you create an acct?

In the past, I could use Tor w/ Gmail - assumed they changed policies.
It's pretty nervy (& savvy) of them to attach a phone # w/ email acct. Obviously, people are eating it up w/ a spoon. Their google st. view had a pic of my house w/ car in front - showing license plate. Had them remove my house.

FYI - I tried GMX w/ Tor couple days ago - worked just fine.
I'd bet, from the Google message about "unusual activity," it was
because the exit node wasn't in the  same country I used when created
Yeah, they like to pop up red warning banners for avid travelers.
I just hit dismiss, no SMS junk required.
What do you mean by "I just hit dismiss?" When I tried Gmail thru Tor from a PC, there was no way to "dismiss" the screen. The only way (I found) around giving a phone, was fill out their "investigation" form, w/ a 2nd email, info about your Gmail acct, then wait for reply. I didn't follow the link they sent, but assume it'd require resetting PW. Not a good solution to this prob.
I've never had any problems sending any message anywhere, at all.
Are you talking about using Tor & Gmail - recently, w/o SMS or other #?
clicked through the help links and filled out some form explaining my
desire for strong pseudonymity, and they lifted the block without a
cell #.
Was this a permanent lift of ban while using Tor? As in, you never had to ask them again or had problems logging in w/ Tor?

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