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Re: [tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

>> >Google requires you to be able to receive a text message or phone call to
>> >use a GMail account over Tor.
>> 1st I've heard they REQUIRE a phone # to use Gmail over Tor.  Anyone
>> else aware this is the only way?

First I've heard that they require SMS to *USE* gmail.
However, SMS has been required for quite some time now
to *CREATE* a new gmail account. There was a thread a
few months back regarding creation. And to date, I've not
been able to create a new gmail account without SMS from
any exit anywhere on the planet. Nor from any residential
DHCP pool I have access to.

>> I'd bet, from the Google message about "unusual activity," it was
>> because the exit node wasn't in the  same country I used when created

Yeah, they like to pop up red warning banners for avid travelers.
I just hit dismiss, no SMS junk required.

> In once case, it happened while I was using a pseudonym to contibute
> to another open source project and ask questions on a mailinglist.

I've never had any problems sending any message anywhere, at all.
Only with new account creation. And the occaisional dismissed nag

> clicked through the help links and filled out some form explaining my
> desire for strong pseudonymity, and they lifted the block without a
> cell #.

When I try creating a new account, without providing an SMS or
other number, there is a form to fill out. I pick "don't have phone" or
"don't want to give number" and explain the same. They ignore it.
And if I recall, the account is left in a locked state. And since, rightly,
no secondary address was provided, they can't reach me anyways.
And any cool account name you came up with dies locked with it too.

No offense to the list, but fuck google. With all their supposed
brain power you'd think they could come up with something
a little less brutal than a sledgehammer. Then again, I don't
blame them... the GECOS, user, pass, contact, recovery,
and mail content is certainly worth many millions more when
combined with a phone number. Pigs.
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