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[tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Dear TorBirdies!

I love TorBirdy.

That said, I have an odd problem using TorBirdy with Thunderbird. Since
yesterday, Thursday 9th, around 9am (that is daylight saving time +1h)
TorBirdy/Thunderbird shows some strange behaviour. Sometimes it just
works, but often I keep getting the same alert when trying to send emails:

"An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 5.7.1
Service unavailable; client ( blocked using
mail.badip.de Please check the message recipient xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and try again."

So what I find strange, is that since two days TorBirdy seems to connect
to the same exit node whenever I login. When I check the Tor Browser
though, it says I am connected to Tor, showing a different (!) IP address.

I am not a very technical person, so maybe this is all expected
behavior, but I thought I'll ask. I hope this doesn't make me look like
an idiot

Below is the Thunderbird troubleshooting info, I have crossed out my in-
and outgoing server, as well as the (deactivated) plugins.

Thanks in advance

  Application Basics

    Name: Thunderbird
    Version: 31.6.0
    User Agent:
    Profile Folder: Show in Finder
    Application Build ID: 20150330093429
    Enabled Plugins: about:plugins
    Build Configuration: about:buildconfig
    Memory Use: about:memory

  Mail and News Accounts
      INCOMING: account1, , (none) Local Folders, SSL, passwordCleartext

      INCOMING: account2, , (imap) xxxxxxxx.domainname.com:993, SSL,
      OUTGOING: xxxxxxxx.domainname.com:25, alwaysSTARTTLS,
passwordCleartext, true

  Crash Reports

    Enigmail, 1.8.1, true, {847b3a00-7ab1-11d4-8f02-006008948af5}
    TorBirdy, 0.1.4, true, castironthunderbirdclub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Important Modified Preferences

    Name: Value

      accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar: 0
      browser.cache.disk.capacity: 358400
      browser.cache.disk.enable: false
      browser.cache.disk.smart_size_cached_value: 358400
      browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: false
      browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max: false
      browser.cache.memory.enable: false
      dom.disable_image_src_set: true
      dom.ipc.plugins.java.enabled: false
      dom.storage.enabled: false
      extensions.lastAppVersion: 31.6.0
      font.internaluseonly.changed: true
      gfx.blacklist.webgl.msaa: 4
      gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled: false
      javascript.enabled: false
      mail.openMessageBehavior.version: 1
      mail.spotlight.firstRunDone: true
      media.ogg.enabled: false
      media.peerconnection.enabled: false
      media.wave.enabled: false
      media.webm.enabled: false
      network.cookie.cookieBehavior: 2
      network.cookie.lifetimePolicy: 2
      network.cookie.prefsMigrated: true
      network.http.pipelining: true
      network.http.pipelining.maxrequests: 12
      network.http.pipelining.ssl: true
      network.http.proxy.pipelining: true
      network.http.sendRefererHeader: 0
      network.http.spdy.enabled: false
      network.prefetch-next: false
      network.protocol-handler.warn-external.file: true
      network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ftp: true
      network.protocol-handler.warn-external.http: true
      network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https: true
      network.websocket.enabled: false
      permissions.default.image: 2
      places.database.lastMaintenance: 1428480697
      places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 80531
      plugin.importedState: true
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      plugin.state.xxxxxx: 0
      security.disable_button.openCertManager: false
      security.disable_button.openDeviceManager: false
      security.enable_ssl3: false
      security.enable_tls_session_tickets: false
      security.OCSP.disable_button.managecrl: false
      security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation: true
      security.ssl.treat_unsafe_negotiation_as_broken: true
      security.warn_entering_weak: true
      security.warn_submit_insecure: true
      webgl.disabled: true


  Incremental GC: 1


    Activated: 0
    Prevent Accessibility: 0

  Library Versions

      Expected minimum version
      Version in use


      NSS Basic ECC Basic ECC

      NSS Util

      NSS SSL Basic ECC Basic ECC

      NSS S/MIME Basic ECC Basic ECC
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