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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again


I would like to ask if you're using the Tor Browser bundle with or
without modification. When the new identity is used in Tor Browser
(it's my understanding--please correct if wrong) that the circuits
related to open tabs are allowed to close. This is because the NEWNYM
signal is issued while also closing the connections for the currently
open tabs. The existing circuits close naturally because they are
already dirty. Then later tabs use new circuits and all is well in

A complication can arise when using other applications (like TorBirdy)
with the Tor Browser bundle. The problem is some mail server
connections fail to close and persist across new identities (NEWNYM)
issued by Tor Browser. This makes later mail server connections appear
to split with an existing connection through one exit and new
connections through some other exit. Closing tabs in Tor Browser won't
fix it. Closing circuits related to tabs won't fix it. What needs to
happen is to have the existing mail server connection (having not
closed on it's own) forcefully closed by closing the related circuit.

I'm unclear if this is (partially) a fault of the mail server. I've
seen the same behavior in other applications so it may also be a
failure at the exit. If you see this problem increasingly occurring
you might try setting up a Vidalia instance in parallel with the Tor
Browser bundle. (I wouldn't normally suggest it except for
troubleshooting). You would then be able to see the offending circuit
held open.


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