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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Hi Leeroy,

Thanks for the reply!

I am using the latest Tor Browser bundle (4.0.8), and checked the
signature before installing. Updating does not work for me anymore, I
have to upgrade to a new machine and newer OSX, will do asap.

I think what you describe might be correct - so far choosing a new
identity in Tor did not work for me, but restarting the Tor Browser
worked. So maybe some circuits did not close?

Just a general question: is it normal to get connected to the same exit
node almost all the time, when I start my mail program?

Thanks for the support everyone

> Hi,
> I would like to ask if you're using the Tor Browser bundle with or
> without modification. When the new identity is used in Tor Browser
> (it's my understanding--please correct if wrong) that the circuits
> related to open tabs are allowed to close. This is because the NEWNYM
> signal is issued while also closing the connections for the currently
> open tabs. The existing circuits close naturally because they are
> already dirty. Then later tabs use new circuits and all is well in
> anonland.
> A complication can arise when using other applications (like TorBirdy)
> with the Tor Browser bundle. The problem is some mail server
> connections fail to close and persist across new identities (NEWNYM)
> issued by Tor Browser. This makes later mail server connections appear
> to split with an existing connection through one exit and new
> connections through some other exit. Closing tabs in Tor Browser won't
> fix it. Closing circuits related to tabs won't fix it. What needs to
> happen is to have the existing mail server connection (having not
> closed on it's own) forcefully closed by closing the related circuit.
> I'm unclear if this is (partially) a fault of the mail server. I've
> seen the same behavior in other applications so it may also be a
> failure at the exit. If you see this problem increasingly occurring
> you might try setting up a Vidalia instance in parallel with the Tor
> Browser bundle. (I wouldn't normally suggest it except for
> troubleshooting). You would then be able to see the offending circuit
> held open.
> --leeroy
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