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Re: [tor-talk] My experience contributing to any Tor Project projects

Ralph Seichter:
> * George:
>> Speaking as someone on the TPO Community Council, contributing to a
>> software project means contributions, not jumping onto an avalanche of
>> criticisms. The previous discussions on the new www site were utterly
>> inappropriate.
> That may be your opinion, or perhaps the community council's opinion,
> but that still does not make it gospel. I have received both criticism
> and praise for my comments about the website changes on the tor-users
> mailing list. As far as I can determine based on email I received, how
> satire is perceived is mostly divided along cultural/national lines.
> I think that the notion of "if you don't have anything positive to say
> don't say anything at all" is counterproductive. If it looks like a
> duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a
> duck, and I don't care one iota how much time and effort somebody spent
> trying to create a swan, and failed at it.


you're talking ducks, and I'm talking operating in a kitchen.

I have been in and around the open source scene for a long time, and there's nothing wrong with criticisms.  What is off, and is relevant to the Community Council, is the tone.

My email wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but rather I was trying to reset the tone here.

But as I said, if you don't like the output of a process, you're better off getting engaged in it.  That's the reality of most open source projects.  Some will be quite blunt about that, but TPO is not.

> Nobody has to share my opinion (however, there was more agreement than
> criticism), but I'll not sacrifice that honest opinion for political
> correctness. I determine what is appropriate for me, and at my age I
> have damn well earned that right.

First, my email was a "+1" to Kevin as a useful contribution.

Second, I haven't even read your particular emails.

"political correctness"?  Now I'm beginning to think you didn't read *my* email.


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