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Re: [tor-talk] Nice to meet you! / WhatsApp by Tor?

On Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:19:46 -0400
"GTI .H" <gti9070h@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> They are not blocking WhatsApp currently, I said they have blocked in
> the past. 

So use whatsapp without directly? :/

> No, the arrest is for those who speak what they do not want.
> The goal is to talk with  friends/familie and all other professionals.

are you going to speak what they do not want? If no then they
themselves don't care about you talking normal stuff on whatsapp with
your friends/family.

> We can use WhatsApp, we can not talk what they do not like!

whatsapp has end to end encryption in place and they *cannot* know what
you are talking with anyone on whatsapp! 

> we can not talk what they do not like

Don't discuss that stuff on whatsapp, simple!

> It would be "How do I hide my whatsapp origin IP from
> my government / isp?"

You just said, "The goal is to talk with  friends/familie and all other
professionals". If your goal is to just talk with friends/family and
your isp is not blocking whatsapp then use it directly! whats the issue
with using it directly??

> Thank you, I have much to read and study, I thought that someone had
> already walked this path and would have the solution more ready.

You can be that `someone`.

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