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Re: [tor-talk] Nice to meet you! / WhatsApp by Tor?

Em qua, 17 de abr de 2019 às 06:01, Cyaniventer <cyaniventer@xxxxxxxxxx>

> On Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:19:46 -0400
> "GTI .H" <gti9070h@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > They are not blocking WhatsApp currently, I said they have blocked in
> > the past.
> So use whatsapp without directly? :/

I did not understand the question.

> > No, the arrest is for those who speak what they do not want.
> > The goal is to talk with  friends/familie and all other professionals.
> are you going to speak what they do not want? If no then they
> themselves don't care about you talking normal stuff on whatsapp with
> your friends/family.

Of course, I am an activist and I want to reveal the crimes of my
government to our people who are drugged and impenetrated with false
information, hatred and revolt against themselves. The government puts the
people against the people.
And in the open hours, of course, talk to friends/family.

> We can use WhatsApp, we can not talk what they do not like!
> whatsapp has end to end encryption in place and they *cannot* know what
> you are talking with anyone on whatsapp!

This is true if they do not capture the destination of the messages or if
they are the destination. Hence comes the need for anonymity.

> > we can not talk what they do not like
> Don't discuss that stuff on whatsapp, simple!

Okay, so how will I communicate? How can I publish hidden facts and do my

> > It would be "How do I hide my whatsapp origin IP from
> > my government / isp?"
> You just said, "The goal is to talk with  friends/familie and all other
> professionals". If your goal is to just talk with friends/family and
> your isp is not blocking whatsapp then use it directly! whats the issue
> with using it directly??

Yes. The term Professionals includes Government / ISP!
Not all friends are trustworthy, I'd rather not take this risk and
anonymity also protects friends and family!

> > Thank you, I have much to read and study, I thought that someone had
> > already walked this path and would have the solution more ready.
> You can be that `someone`.

I would be very honored and proud to be "someone" I believe I have the
skills for this. : )
But at the moment I'm very confused about what the exact function and need
of each element (WhatsApp, VM, VPN, TOR ...) for this my goal, I feel the
solution will come from an idea of how to associate the minimum necessary.

I have my notions but a little confused, could you tell what you think
about the function of each of this element that I listed? That would bring
me more confidence.
Perhaps a diagram, a flow chart, a drawing of a network could bring a lot
of clarity.

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